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Stars back Legacy 2014 to inspire a generation

Business / Culture / Sport and physical activity
With excitement in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow building, stars from a variety of backgrounds have given their support to creating a lasting legacy.

Classical violinist, Nicola Benedetti said:

"Having the Commonwealth Games on our home soil will be a momentous occasion for Scotland and as the excitement builds, so do the opportunities to get involved. Being inspired by others played a huge part in my own journey to becoming a professional musician and I am confident that the reach of an event like this will have an important role in not just inspiring but igniting the passion of the next generation of Scots. This is something which will provide a legacy in itself.

"Any investment in supporting businesses to grow or people to get more active as a result of Glasgow 2014 should be welcomed as the world's gaze turns to Scotland. I am always extremely proud to represent Scotland on the global stage and through the 2014 sporting and cultural programme, we'll be able to effectively showcase all that is good about our rich and vibrant culture with the world watching. It's an exciting time to be Scottish and I'm delighted to support the campaign."

TV presenter, Lorraine Kelly said:

"I think the Glasgow Commonwealth Games will build on the success of the London Olympics and Paralympics.

"It's a chance for Scotland to capture the imagination of the public and  I know that everyone will get behind our fantastic athletes and support them, as well as giving a warm Scottish welcome to competitors from all over the Commonwealth.   

"I was born and brought up in the Gorbals and then Bridgeton in the East End of Glasgow, so these games are very close to my heart and I am looking forward to enjoying some fantastic sport as well as soaking up the phenomenal atmosphere.

"What will be even more important than the eleven days of competition will be the legacy left behind, especially in inspiring our young people to take up sport and to be the best they can.

"I can't wait for it all to begin."

Commonwealth and Olympic Champion, David Wilkie said:

"Having taken part in the Commonwealth Games in 1970 on home turf, I can honestly say the impact of such a huge event happening in Scotland cannot be underestimated. This is a really exciting time for sport and I personally believe the Games coming to Glasgow in 2014 will have wide reaching benefits for the country as a whole.

"We've seen how London 2012 successfully inspired an increased interest in sport, and we need to harness the same energy in Scotland to ensure future generations are inspired and have access to sporting facilities to help them meet their potential.

"The Royal Commonwealth Pool is just one example of the type of sporting facility that such major events bring. Opened in 1970, it will be used again as a diving venue in 2014, and many families and sporting enthusiasts have benefitted from having such a world-class facility on their doorstep. This is a real example of a lasting legacy and I hope people are inspired, and more importantly, get involved with the opportunities being created as a result of the Games coming to Scotland.

“I hope the 2014 Games leaves more than just a sporting legacy; a legacy where people are instilled with a belief in their own ability to be able to achieve things they never thought possible.”

Award winning singer, Emeli Sande said:

“Glasgow is such a vibrant inspiring city, filled with amazing people and culture and I loved every minute of my time studying there. I’m thrilled that the 2014 Commonwealth Games will put the city and Scotland on a global stage.

The Olympics buzz has inspired so many young people to get involved in sport and the community and it’s exciting to think that now Scotland will to get to experience all the positive effects closer to home. Get involved where you can.”

Sir Tom Hunter said:

"The Commonwealth Games will provide a huge economic, sporting and social legacy for Scotland and indeed the UK; I hope moreover they provide a stimulus for change at grassroots level across the Commonwealth where we all embrace the mantra 'opportunity for all'." 

Celebrity Chef, Tom Kitchin said:

"The Glasgow 2014 Games is certainly a big deal for Scotland.  As a chef, I'm really excited about the impact the Games will have on tourism - it will be a great opportunity to showcase Scotland's outstanding natural larder and cuisine to the world.  And, by flying the flag for Scottish food and drink on this wonderful sporting occasion we can also use it as an opportunity to encourage families in Scotland to live healthier, choosing to cook with healthy, locally sourced produce and ingredients."

For gold-winning Paralympic cyclist Neil Fachie, Glasgow 2014 is definitely something to look forward to:

"Being welcomed by a packed George Square at the London 2012 Homecoming parade this summer was absolutely incredible and shows just how much we have to look forward to as Glasgow 2014 approaches. It is very exciting to know that Scotland is next and I am confident that the whole nation will create a buzz which stretches far beyond just eleven days of world-class sport.

"I am especially proud to be part of the Games which will stage the most para-sport events in Commonwealth history and I hope that the achievements of our athletes go on to motivate and inspire more Scots to get active. There are many opportunities already being created as a result of the Games coming to Scotland and I would encourage everyone to get involved. This is our time to show the world what we've got and I truly believe that we can host an unforgettable Games which will have lasting benefits for the entire country."

Cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont said:

"In the many challenges that I have undertaken over the years, I have consistently been inspired by the achievements of others.

"Without a doubt, the Games coming to Scotland in 2014 will inspire a new generation of Scots to get out and be more involved in sports.

"It's particularly pleasing to see investment being spread across the country. The roll-out of new Community Sports Hubs across Scotland means that people from Gairloch to Giffnock can reap the rewards and get involved. As a Perthshire boy, my own story started local and then went global. However, were it not for some inspiring figures in my youth, my dream of fulfilling the Man Who Cycled The World would never have come about.

"Hosting the Commonwealth Games on home soil gives Scotland a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a lasting legacy from what will be an incredible 11 days of sport and that's why I am delighted to be supporting the Legacy 2014 campaign."

Athlete Eilish McColgan said:

"Scotland is mighty deserving of hosting this magnificent sporting event. We punched above our weight within Team GB at the London Olympics 2012 and every bone in my body tells me our national team will be on fire when Glasgow comes round.

"The genius of sporting legacy programmes is that they celebrate the adrenaline of sport itself but ensure that the benefits are far- reaching before, during and after the event itself. Whether galvanising kids off the sofa or encouraging the elderly to get active, the rewards are immense.

"Above all, Legacy 2014 isn't a sprint. It's a long-distance, long-haul initiative that will have lasting lifestyle and health benefits for the next generation and beyond."

Scotland rugby legend Scott Hastings said:

"It's all about the sevens. 71 different nations descending on Glasgow to participate in 17 different sports and unsurprisingly I'll be glued to the rugby 7's.

"This a chance for us to show the world that we can punch above our weight both in sporting excellence and our ability to stage an event on this massive scale.

"From my own sports' perspective this is a cracking opportunity to really build a profile for seven-a-side rugby, a global sport, a Commonwealth Games sport and soon to be an Olympic sport in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

"The Scottish Government has been investing in grassroots rugby as part of Legacy 2014, ensuring all Scots can reap the benefits before and after the Games. Across Scotland, a total of 104 Community Sports Hubs are being created, giving local communities a dedicated space for sports clubs to work together, inspiring more people to get active and lead healthier lives".

Paralympic tandem cyclist Aileen McGlynn said: 

"Winning two Paralympic medals in front of a roaring home crowd this summer was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my career to date and I know that Scotland too will rise to the occasion when its turn comes around in 2014.
"Playing host to such a big sporting event gives us all a unique opportunity to be inspired and get involved. In particular, I am especially proud to be part of the Commonwealth Games which will hold the first ever para-cycling event in their 74-year history and I hope that this will encourage not just more people with disabilities to take up sport but, just like the Paralympics, will show a nation just how disabled people can be excellent role models.
"Inspiration is the first step to creating a real legacy and I know that Scots across the country will be looking to turn this inspiration into action both in the lead up to and after Glasgow 2014. I am pleased to see that already Community Sports Hubs are being developed up and down the country to help more people get active and that equal access is a consideration within their development. After all, it is the whole nation who should benefit from hosting something as big as the Commonwealth Games and this is why I am proud to support the Legacy 2014 campaign which aims to make this happen."

Hockey player Kareena Marshall said:

"I started playing hockey when I was 7 years old, myself and my brother went to Greenock Junior Hockey Club on a Sunday morning. My mum enrolled us in a number of different sports, swimming, tennis, badminton when we were young but eventually I had to choose to focus my time and energy into one, and I chose hockey.

"I think playing host to the Games provides a great opportunity for the people of Scotland to get close to the athletes, discover that they come from the same towns and cities and are achieving something special by competing for their country. When you then incorporate the variety of sports included in the Commonwealth Games I think it can inspire all generations to realise how accessible it is to get involved and make the most of the fantastic facilities which we have throughout the country.

"The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is competing in front of my friends and family, and hopefully they will soak up the atmosphere and excitement of the Games and understand a little bit more about why I dedicate so much of my life to compete for Scotland!"

And Kareena's brother William Marshall, also a hockey player, said:

"It's fantastic that Glasgow and Scotland has this opportunity to host the Commonwealth games 2014. From a personal point of view it's really exciting to think that you could compete in a home games in front of thousands of Scottish spectators.

"I think it's really important that the Scottish population embraces the opportunity to see top class athletes perform at the highest level, this is because that opportunity will give them the confidence and motivation to go out and give sports a try which will lead to a healthier lifestyle."