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Sporting links with Canada

Sport and physical activity / International
Sharing success of Cashback for Communities programme.

The Scottish Government has agreed with the Government of Canada to collaborate on further ways to increase levels of physical activity and to host a visit to a Cashback project during the Commonwealth Games.

This builds on the Scottish Government’s recent Physical Activity Implementation Plan, which actions the world leading Toronto Charter for Physical Activity that places greater investment on physical activity as part of a comprehensive approach to prevention.

Cabinet Secretary for Sport Shona Robison and Canada’s Minister of State (Sport) Bal Gosal agreed to working together following Ms Robison’s visit to Canada.

The visit included six Queens’ Baton Relay engagements in Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton and engagements with Federal and provincial government ministers and with other groups around sport, physical activity and equalities.

Minister of State (Sport) Gosal agreed to use his visit to Glasgow this summer to attend the Commonwealth Games to learn more about how the Cashback for Communities scheme is providing thousands of new sporting opportunities. Cashback for Communities has seen over £74 million from proceeds of crime be reinvested since 2007 into young people and communities, of which over £24 million has gone into free sporting activities and facilities.

Ms Robison said: “Canada is a sporting giant but shares exactly the same issues of other developed nations in limited resources which impacts into the far reaching health effects of obesity.

“So I will be very pleased to be able to show Minister Gosal and his team Cashback projects in action during the Commonwealth Games. Not only is Cashback developing sporting talent of the future, it is diverting young people into good habits early in life. 

“A key legacy from the Commonwealth Games has to be an increase in physical activity levels and I am keen our two Governments continue to share experience and knowledge throughout this year and into the future.”

Minister of State (Sport) Bal Gosal said: “The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of sport, physical activity and healthy weights, and we are committed to working together with governments, institutions and organizations to further contribute to the positive benefits and impacts of sport on Canadians, their communities and Canadian society.”

Cashback for Communities is a unique Scottish Government initiative that reinvests money seized from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act into projects to benefit communities across Scotland. Since 2007, it has funded 1.2 million activities and opportunities for young people. For more information on the scheme, visit