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Scottish community groups to enjoy the Games with Legacy Tickets

Andrew Paterson, SCDC

Blog / Community Engagement
Andrew Paterson from Scottish Community Development Centre explains how they're sharing the legacy of the Commonwealth Games through Legacy Tickets.

Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) was delighted to be given the chance to offer community groups and community members we work with Scottish Government Legacy Tickets to go to the Games.  The community groups and members who received tickets from us all took part in our Commonwealth Games Legacy for Communities programme which was commissioned by the Scottish Government and ran from 2011 until 2013.  The programme supported community organisations to involve people in local conversations on what they would like to see as a legacy for their own communities, and to engage better at a strategic level in order to get their message across.

people taking part in discussions around tablesSCDC worked with more than 15 localities and communities of interest across 9 local authorities in Scotland, adding value to community activity already happening in these areas by:

  • supporting local groups and partnerships to demonstrate the contribution of existing activity to local and national outcomes; 
  • increasing the profile of local organisations' activities through a local Games Legacy event and media strategy;
  • supporting local groups and partnerships to make stronger links with local strategic decision makers, by showcasing their work through the Games Legacy programme; and
  • supporting the creation or development of local partnerships.

When we heard we were being allocated Legacy Tickets as a follow up to this work, we contacted all the groups and partnerships who took part on our programme to ask if they wanted tickets. Five different organisations snapped up the offer: Community Links in South Lanarkshire, Action for Children in Glasgow, Enable Scotland in Argyll, Central & West Integration Network in Glasgow (working with people from a range of ethnic backgrounds and nationalities) and LEAP Sports (working with LGBT people across Scotland).  Together, these groups will pass the tickets onto the wide range of community members they work with, reflecting the diversity of Scotland more widely.

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