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Jane Hume -My Street Fit Scotland Journey

Jane Hume - Street Fit Scotland Programme Participant,

Street Fit Scotland changed my life.

My name is Jane I am one of the original participants with the Street Fit Scotland Programme. I have been involved in the health, Fitness and well-being programme since 2014.

I stayed in a hostel in Leith and started to participant in the SFS Fitness sessions.  I was really self-conscience, nervous and quite depressed and overwhelmed with how my life was turning out. The hostel experience was unsettling and there was a lot going on so going to Street Fit Scotland got me out of my living situation and back into the world again.

Having structure to my days/evenings really helped me to get in to a better routine.  The exercise sessions tired me out so I was able to sleep again.  I was meeting like-minded people who like me wanted more from life. In 2015 I started attending the workshops and it helps me with my communication with others. Even though I was apprehensive initially the more workshops and lunches I attended the better I felt.  I started to feel that I was taking control of my own health.

2015 I gained my own tenancy and it was an existing but terrifying time for me as I had very little support.  I kept going to Street Fit Scotland and I started to lose weight, my skin was glowing and I was able to look in the mirror at myself and see the changes in my body that I had wanted for ages.

In 2016 I ran 10k in the Edinburgh Marathon one of the volunteers (AMY) supported me to do this! She ran with me, I have never achieved anything like this before and was delighted to have completed this! I got a T-shirt for completion and a medal and I wear them both with pride.

In 2017 I ran in support of Street Fit Scotland at Meadowbank stadium and loved it at a fundraiser! I  Think I have caught the running bug! I engaged in the Beach camps and loved exercising by the sea it calmed my nerves and relaxed my mind. I attended every session, conference were possible and competed the evening outdoor fitness session.  I love exercising out in the fresh air it’s also fun and we laugh a lot. 

I am now attending a diet and nutrition course SFS and hope to pass this and go on to other courses from there. This is a huge achievement as I struggle daily with reading and writing but the support I get makes it easy for me to keep attending I aim to pass and love the group I am learning with. I feel safe and secure and no-one laughs or makes fun of my leaning issues.

My confidence has grown so much that I applied to become a carer and I got the job! This is the first job I have ever had its 4 days on 4 off this allows me to stay Street Fit for life and means I can still stay on top of my health by continuing to engage in the programme and work alongside of it.

I am stronger and braver than I think and have been told this often enough on the programme but now I can actually stand up and say I do feel mentally, physically and emotionally stronger. I now play a key role in helping other women who come on to the programme and make sure they feel welcome, safe and that they too can get fit, Healthy and well