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Hunt on for Homestay hosts

Volunteering / Glasgow 2014
Unique project seeks affordable accommodation for official Games volunteers.

As Glasgow plays host to the XX Commonwealth Games this summer, a unique Scottish Government project intends to marry Scotland’s famous hospitality with the passion already ignited for the event, by offering Scots the chance to host to some of the Games official volunteers.

The Volunteer Homestay Programme run by charity More than Gold and endorsed by VisitScotland, is aiming to offer “Clyde-siders” the opportunity to access affordable bed and breakfast throughout the period of the Games.

To do this, organisers are looking to find approximately 250 hosts to accommodate 350 guests. The majority of hosts are needed in the Greater Glasgow area, but some are also required in other Games venue areas, including Edinburgh and the Lothians, Carnoustie and across Dundee and Angus.

The XX Commonwealth Games is the biggest sporting and cultural event Scotland has ever hosted, and some of the 15,000 people recruited as ‘Clyde-siders’ will require accommodation during July and August.

More than Gold joins other organisations offering volunteers affordable accommodation, such as Campingninja who are setting up temporary campsites near city sports grounds. Many of these options are being promoted at a specially created accommodation advice page on VisitScotland’s website.

Each host home will be asked to extend a warm welcome to their visitors, provide complimentary accommodation and breakfast, and assist them to the nearest public transport point each day.

Volunteer guests should register via the Volunteer Homestay website, which operates a small registration fee which, supported by Scottish Government Legacy 2014 funding, covers the operational costs of the Homestay Programme. Information provided by the host and volunteer during the application process will then be used to match each host to a suitable guest.

Volunteer Homestay Programme website